How To Clean A Caravan Roof

caravan roof
If there’s one area that gets particularly dirty in a static caravan, it’s the roof. Which is why cleaning your caravan roof is a vital part of the caravan’s upkeep. However, it can be a time consuming process and it requires some materials such as a good ladder and long brushes.

Caravans roofs collect moss and algae from the trees above, but, because they are a level surface any rain (unless extremely heavy) won’t be able to wash it off. So, the rain and the sun allow the moss to grow, worsening your roof over time.

Regular maintenance and caravan roof cleaning will ensure the longevity of your caravan. Take a look at our top tips for caravan cleaning below. If you’re looking to upgrade your static caravan, browse our range of static caravans for sale online today.



telescopic ladder
It’s important that you invest in a sturdy ladder, an adjustable one is most often useful for cleaning your caravan roof as it allows you to put yourself at the perfect height for your caravan.

It’s also important to note that most static caravans don’t have a sturdy enough roof for you to stand on, so it’s recommended that you use a ladder when cleaning rather than climbing atop the caravan.


telescopic cleaning brush
Investing in a telescopic brush will enable you to safely reach all of the areas of your caravan roof, without you having to stretch across. It is also useful to have some microfibre cloths, as they can be great at trapping loose debris, particularly around areas such as solar panels and the TV antenna.

Although cleaning your caravan roof manually with a brush may seem difficult and time consuming, it’s much safer for your caravan. If you use a pressure washer to clean your roof, while it may get done faster, it will most likely cause damage to your roof which is less than ideal.

Cleaning Solution

When it comes to buying cleaning products, there isn’t a ‘right product’. What solution you use is entirely up to you and your personal preferences, so ensure you consider your caravan and how much dirt the roof has collected. The season can also influence the type of cleaner you use, as in the winter your roof is prone to collecting large amounts of algae and moss, so it’s ideal to invest in a winterlong protector.

It’s widely recommended that you dilute your solution depending on how dirty your caravan roof is. Always follow the instructions on the bottle to ensure you’re using the product as effectively as possible, without damaging the caravan’s roof.

Cleaning The Caravan Roof

Once you’ve gathered your equipment it’s time to start the cleaning process.

Remove Debris

Before you begin, check to see if there is any debris on your caravan roof. This can be things such as leaves, branches or large amounts of moss that may have accumulated on your roof over time. Removing these obstacles will make it much easier to clean your caravan roof.

Apply Your Solution

Next apply your chosen cleaning solution, it’s easiest to do this using a spray bottle. Ensure you apply it evenly so everything gets cleaned, this includes solar panels and TV antennas.

Clean The Roof With Your Brush

Once you’ve applied your cleaning products, it’s time to start washing the roof of your caravan with your brush. Keep a bucket of water on the ground for you to dip your brush into whilst you clean.

The easiest way to scrub all the dirt off is to work your way around the roof in sections. Divide your roof up into quarter sections and clean each one at a time, this way you’re more likely to reach areas you may miss.

For the more fragile areas, use a wash mitt or microfibre cloth to avoid damaging them. This is particularly important for those with a solar panel on their roof, as solar panels can collect a lot of dirt but can be easily damaged when cleaning.


Once you’re sure you have reached all of the dirt on your roof, gently rinse off your cleaning solution with warm water. It’s easiest to use a hose pipe for this, if you have access to one.


It’s vital that you keep up a regular cleaning schedule and maintenance, your caravan will last longer if you perform regular upkeep. Ensure that cleaning your caravan roof remains part of your regular maintenance routine.

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