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willerby caravans logoWillerby are one of the most well known brands for static caravans and can be seen across holiday parks, homes and developments across the UK. With innovative designs, stylish interiors and statics built with comfort in mind, a Willerby caravan is always sought after.

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At N.Doe Caravans, we stock a wide range of new and used Willerby caravans for sale. Browse our Willerby statics for sale below and visit our Horsham showground to view your favourite caravans before purchasing.

About Willerby caravans

As the UK's largest manufacturer of static caravans, holiday homes and luxury lodges, they offer a large range of options and benefits to those who own one. Willerby have been creating caravans for over 75 years and have an excellent reputation for quality and design of their holiday homes and static caravans.

With static caravan models available in a range of sizes, there are options for all types of uses, including:

  • Holiday homes
  • Temporary workers
  • Home offices

Why choose a Willerby static caravan?

Wide range of static caravan options

Willerby holiday homes and static caravans come in a variety of shapes, sizes and layouts. That means you have a huge selection of caravan types and sizes available to choose from. Whether you're looking for a holiday home at a static caravan park for all the family, or if you're living on site whilst undergoing home renovations, there's options for all needs.

High quality design

Their high quality design means space is utilised well, allowing you to enjoy the same home comforts you've come to expect. From being able to fit a king size bed in the bedroom, to the open plan layout that allows for you arrange furniture how you please, each model offers superior comfort.

Double glazed and centrally heated

Double glazing and central heating are essentials if you want to use your caravan all year round. They help to control the temperature and keep your static comfortable no matter the weather. Willerby static caravans offer double glazing and central heating options for all of their static caravans.

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How long do Willerby caravans last?

A static caravans life expectancy can vary depending on how well looked after you caravan is. It's not unusual to see static caravans last over 15 - 20 years if they have been well maintained over the course of their life. As Willerby caravans are made with the highest quality in mind, they're known for standing the test of time.

If you're hoping to keep your caravan for a long time, read our tips on increasing the longevity of your static.

What can you use a Willerby static caravan for?

A lot of people buy a Willerby caravan for holiday home ownership, however people are now increasingly buying static caravans to have on their own land. Other uses apart from a holiday home include:

  • For seasonal workers
  • As home offices
  • To house refugees
  • For home development projects that mean homeowners need to move out

The way you use your caravan is completely up to you. With such a versatile space, you can adapt your Willerby caravan to your needs.

Do Willerby static caravans hold their value?

If your static caravan is well looked after, it can offer a great return on your investment. As Willerby caravans are known to last a long time and are made with high quality design in mind, your static should offer you a good return when it comes time to upgrade.

Where can I find Willerby caravans for sale?

At N.Doe Caravans, we have a wide range of caravans for sale from a selection of leading brands, including Willerby. From new caravans to used statics, browse our Willerby caravans online and visit our West Sussex showground to take a look before making a final decision. We also buy used caravans, so you can use that as part of your payment towards your upgraded Willerby caravan.

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