Temporary caravan accommodation after flooding or fire

When flooding, fire, or other natural disasters happen that damage or destroy property, homeowners, renters, businesses and insurance companies will need to organise comfortable temporary accommodation quickly and efficiently.

At N Doe Caravans we supply temporary static caravan accommodation across the South East to insurance companies, businesses and private individuals who need somewhere to live or work safely after a natural disaster. We can quickly supply statics, organise transport and siting, and offer competitive rates on rental terms from three months or more.

Don’t delay in contacting us to discuss your requirements – if you’re in an emergency we’ll do our very best to assist you as quickly as possible.

Temporary accommodation after natural disasters


After a fire or other natural disaster such as a flood or subsidence, a static caravan could be the ideal solution for accommodation. Rental caravans can be positioned on site next to the property that has been damaged, allowing residents to stay close to home and even using undamaged parts of the property. The added benefit of course is that they are able to see repair works progress and keep an eye on site security.

If your property or business has been affected, we can work with you directly once you understand what is covered by your insurance, and if are an insurance company or loss adjuster, you can also contact us directly to arrange hiring static caravans after natural disasters.

As part of our services for temporary accommodation we can:

  • Advise on the best caravan model for the situation
  • Organise transportation and delivery of the caravan
  • Site it at the location
  • De-site and transport the caravan back to our showground at the end of the lease term

Whilst we would ask to understand the delivery date required and the estimated return date, we understand dealing with natural disasters and the need for emergency accommodation can be stressful, so always stay as flexible as we possibly can.

Where planning permission is required, it is important that it is granted before any static caravans are delivered and installed on any land. Whether it’s required depends on the usage and location of the property, but if anyone is to live in the caravan – eat, sleep and wash for any length of time – planning will be required. Always check with your local authority.

Why choose static caravans after floods or fires?

Static caravans are a popular choice for a number of reasons, including:

  • More affordable than hotels or brick and mortar properties
  • Can be positioned on site at the home or business
  • Can allow residents to live in undamaged areas of their home, with the caravan providing extra space or for example, cooking facilities
  • Comfortable accommodation with mod cons
  • More Flexible rental terms available
  • Easily de-sited and returned when no longer needed

We have a range of modern caravans with all the latest mod cons and home comforts, including open plan living,  double glazing, and en-suites. Typically coming fully furnished, they offer the privacy and safety needed to be able to rest at a difficult time.

Call us for temporary accommodation

We’re on hand to help and with over 50 years experience in static caravan accommodation, you’re in safe hands. Our staff will advise you on the best models we have in stock for your needs and if suitable, will arrange for fast delivery and siting. We can offer virtual tours of many of our units and can also arrange viewings at our showground in Horsham.