Static Caravans for Hire

Static Caravans For Hire – Perfect For Self Build Projects

We don’t just offer static homes for sale; we also have an excellent static caravans for hire scheme for those needing temporary accommodation for a short period of time. These are great for clients embarking on a self-build project.

Perhaps you’re taking on a self-build or construction project and need a roof over your head whilst it’s taking place; that’s where N. Doe Caravans come in. We hire out our models for a minimum of three months. Hiring a caravan can make your life that bit simpler during what can be a stressful time and enables you to stay on site in comfort. You also have the total peace of mind that at the end, the caravan will be removed. That means no worries about having to find a buyer who has the ability to remove such a large item, or reliance on the small print of some “buy back” agreement.

It’s not just builders and construction workers we hire out to; over the years, we’ve leased out caravans to those made temporarily homeless by forces of nature such as floods and fires. Our approach is sensitive and subtle so you’ll be in safe hands throughout the process.

You are not limited on choice, as nearly all of our non-central heated sale sales stock is in our static caravans for hire scheme. The cap is a maximum sales value on our site of £7000. This means that for projects up to a year, you can invariably hire a much newer and better-quality caravan, than the same money would purchase.

The cost of the service is split into two sections – Logistics costs which includes delivery, positioning, levelling and eventual removal of the unit and the monthly hire charge payable monthly in advance.  Caravans are abnormal loads requiring a Police permit and custom HGV with escort vehicle. They also can only be moved on the roads during certain hours of the day. The result of these complexities means the logistics costs are typically £2000 + VAT (for up to 50 miles) payable in advance. The monthly rental is a token £200 per month + VAT, which is simply there to cover depreciation in the value of the sales stock whilst on hire.

Please note our caravan hire service is a full repair and renew contract, so once with you its commissioning and maintenance rests with you.

To find out more about hiring one of our static homes, call the N. Doe Caravan team on 01403 274 877.

  • Delta Nordstar (SN2112) Out On Hire

  • Delta Nordstar (SN 2314) 12ft

  • small static caravan

    BK Contessa (SN 2296) 12ft


  • Delta Nordstar (SN 2308) 12ft



    Delta Kensington (SN2230) 12ft


  • ABI Arizona (SN 2333) 12ft


  • Delta Karro Cottage

    Delta Karro Cottage (SN2307) 12 Ft


  • Used static caravans Hampshire Cosalt Torbay


    £4,995.00 £4,795.00

  • Pre owned static caravan BK Contessa



  • Delta Nordstar (SN 2228) 12ft


  • ABI Brisbane (SN 2281) 12ft


  • Delta Nordstar (SN 2226) 12ft OUT ON HIRE


  • Delta Nordstar (SN 2269) 12ft OUT ON HIRE


  • Atlas Solitaire (SN 2289) 12ft


  • Atlas Saphire (SN 2143) 12ft


  • Delta Nordstar Used Static

    Delta Nordstar (SN 2317) 12ft


  • ABI Arizona (SN 2250) 10ft Out On Hire

    £7,295.00 £6,500.00

  • Delta Lydney (SN RS105) 12ft


  • Affordable used statics

    Cosalt Baysdale (SN 2283) 12ft


  • Cosalt Baysdale (SN RS153) 12ft OUT ON HIRE


  • Delta Lydney (SN 2224) 12ft Out On Hire



    Delta Goodwood (SN 2263) 10ft