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Static caravans to rent long term

Browse our high quality selection of affordable static caravans to rent all year round, suitable for a range of purposes including house moves and temporary accommodation with leases starting from three month terms. With a huge choice of statics from leading manufacturers, you’re sure to find the right model and facilities for your needs, whether you’re looking for accommodation just for yourself or for a large family.

With statics including both double glazing and central heating, you can live in them throughout the year, no matter the UK weather, and give yourself a comfortable, even luxurious, living arrangement.

Private static caravans to hire all year round

We’ve made renting privately with N. Doe Caravans as easy and stress-free as possible with fixed monthly rates. Our range is often used as the best solution for temporary accommodation and they are ideal if you’re working on a self-build project, require accommodation on a construction site, or have been made homeless by forces of nature, such as flooding or fires, and wish to stay on your own land.

With our team of caravan specialists you’ll be in safe hands throughout the process, no matter your requirements. We’ll help you find the best model for your accommodation needs, and talk you through the rental process. Call us today with your enquiry or questions and to book a viewing.

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  • BK Caprice (SN 2388) 12ft - OUT ON HIRE


  • ABI California (SN 2724) 10ft Out On Hire


  • Cosalt Torbay (SN 2734) 12ft


  • Delta Lydney (SN 2224) 12ft Out On Hire


  • Willerby Westmoreland (SN 2714) 12ft - Out On Hire


Our statics for hire service

Incredible choice of statics

When you choose to rent from N.Doe Caravans, you are not limited on choice, as nearly all of our non-central heated sales stock is in our static caravans for hire scheme. The cap is a maximum sales value on our site of £7000.

As a result for projects up to a year, you can invariably hire a much newer and better-quality caravan, than the same money would purchase. Without the hassle of trying to dispose of the caravan privately once it is no longer required.

Affordable delivery, installation and rental

We believe in transparent costs and offering an affordable service that takes away the stress of renting a static caravan.

Our service has two parts:


  • Delivery
  • Positioning
  • Levelling
  • Removal at end of term
  • Total Transport costs (which cover both delivery and collection) are typically: £2,500 + VAT – subject to distance and site access.


  • Monthly rental for use of the unit
  • Our rental fee: £300 per month + VAT

Our fees explained

Our logistics services cover everything required for you to rent the caravan at the site you prefer. Transporting caravans can be a complex matter; they are considered abnormal loads requiring a police permit and a custom HGV accompanied by an escort vehicle.

The rental fee is simply a cost which we apply to cover the depreciation of the value of the static caravan whilst it is on hire; after rental the unit will return to be part of our sales stock at a lower price. The rental fee is payable monthly in advance.

They also can only be moved on the roads during certain hours of the day. The result of these complexities means the logistics costs are typically £2500 + VAT (for up to 50 miles) payable in advance.

Hiring a static home from us

Please note our caravan hire service is a full repair and renew contract, so once you have the home on site its commissioning and maintenance is your responsibility for the term of the rental.

To find out more about hiring one of our static caravans for a term of three months or more, call our sales team on 01403 274 877, available 7 days a week between 9am-7pm, or by using our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible and will create the best solution to your particular circumstances, whether you are working on a site or need quick accommodation following an emergency.

Hiring a static caravan FAQ

Can I rent a caravan to live in?

Yes, you can rent a caravan to live in across the UK, providing you can find a suitable location to site it. Sites can include a caravan park that has permissions for residential living, or on private property, again with the right permissions.

If you are looking for a static to live in rather than work in, a recent model with all of the mod-cons would be a good starting point for your search. Take into account how you will use the space, your storage needs and how many persons will occupy the unit.

Can you live permanently in a static caravan?

Yes, you can permanently live in a static and many people choose to for a range of benefits, including:

  • lower price than traditional bricks and mortar
  • flexibility to move and re-site
  • comfort and luxury features
  • the community of static home parks

Whilst you could hire a static caravan to live in permanently (renting one and then another as your needs change), it would be worth considering investing in buying a static for long term use. You can learn more about this in our caravan ownership guide.

If you would prefer to rent one caravan followed by another, consider longer rental terms, but again, it is all down to what works best for you.

Why hire a caravan and not buy?

Are you thinking, why hire a caravan and not buy? It comes down to what is the best solution and the most convenient option for your situation. Hiring a model provides you with great flexibility should you only need short term accommodation, or are unsure of how long you will require a static caravan.

It being cost effective combined with a simple hire process make it a stress-free and efficient option, providing peace of mind and comfortable, often luxurious accommodation.

When you are hiring a static for work, it may be preferable to rent for short-term construction contracts for example.

What are the main benefits of caravan hire?

There are several main benefits to hiring a static caravan. By hiring a unit you ensure you have no loose ends to tie up at the end of your term, which would otherwise involve advertising for a buyer and organising the units de-siting and removal.

Furthermore, you won’t have to find a buyer or company who can move such a large item, or to rely on the small print of many buy back agreements as the owner of the static renting it should be able to arrange safe collection and transportation.

Is living in a caravan cheap?

When making the decision to hire a caravan, you’ll probably ask ‘is living in a caravan cheap?’. When renting a caravan, in addition to the agreed rental cost you should also budget for normal day-to-day living expenses, such as food and drink and utilities. You may also need to pay for a TV license and should check required fees and payments before making a final decision on your static and your location.

However, it is highly likely that your monthly outgoings will be less than that of a traditional bricks and mortar home; heating a static for example takes less energy than a house, and overall maintenance costs should be lower.

How much is it to rent a caravan?

The cost of hiring a caravan will be dependent on the owner and the rental agreement, as well as on the premium or standard nature of the model in question. Always check you know the costs before committing and are happy to pay the rent.

At N.Doe Caravans, we are upfront with our rental fees; £300 per month + VAT for any of our rental models seen online. We recommend that you visit our showground to view our rental static caravans before you hire, ensuring you get the unit that’s best for your usage and budget.

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