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Investing in a used static caravan is a fantastic way to gain full time or temporary accommodation across a range of sites in the UK. Popular for families looking to make new memories on holiday, and for seasonal workers, they can provide a practical and luxurious solution.

Static caravans for sale off site

At N. Doe Caravans, we offer a large and high quality range of late model and used static caravans for sale off site. Browse our online store of caravans and holiday homes for sale and choose the right model for your preferences and budget.

  • BK Bluebird Contessa (SN 2900) 10ft


  • Willerby Salisbury (SN SR163) 12ft


  • BK Brookwood (SN SR164) 10ft


  • Delta Lydney (SN 2224) 12ft Out On Hire


  • BK Caprice (SN 2388) 12ft - Due In Soon


  • ABI Vista (SN 2842) 10ft


  • Willerby Westmoreland (SN 2820) 12ft Out on Hire


  • Willerby Summer (SN 2858) 10ft On Hire


  • Delta Darwin (SN 2824) 12ft


  • Delta Santana (SN 2866) 10ft


  • Atlas Gemini (SN 2856) 10ft


  • Atlas Gemini (SN 2853) 10ft


  • ABI Vista (SN 2850) 10ft


  • BK Bluebird Breeze (SN 2806) 12ft


  • Delta Santana (SN 2901) 10ft


  • ABI Vista (SN 2818) 10ft


  • Delta Darwin (SN 2880) 12ft


  • ABI Vista (SN 2852) 10ft Out on Hire


  • ABI Vista (SN 2816) 10ft


  • ABI Vista (SN 2823) 10ft


  • siting a caravan on a loaded truck



  • ABI Vista (SN 2802) 12ft


  • Cosalt Partridge (SN 2894) 10ft


  • Cosalt Partridge (SN 2868) 10ft


  • Cosalt Partridge (SN 2872) 10ft


  • Cosalt Partridge (SN 2877) 10ft - On Hire


  • Cosalt Partridge (SN 2878) 10ft


  • Cosalt Partridge (SN 2875) 10ft


  • Delta Nordstar (SN 2869) 12ft


  • Cosalt Rimmini (SN 2903) 12ft


  • Delta Nordstar (SN 2870) 12ft


  • Delta Nordstar (SN 2888) 12ft


  • Delta Sunset (SN 2848) 10ft


  • ABI Colorado Deluxe (SN 2910) 12ft Due in Soon


  • Atlas Topaz Super (SN 2911) 12ft Due in Soon


  • Willerby Herald (SN SR147) 10ft - Currently Out On Hire


  • Delta Florida (SN 2889) 10ft


  • Delta Darwin (SN 2909) 12ft Due in Soon


  • Willerby Aspen (SN SR151) 12ft


  • ABI Westwood (SN 2837) 13ft


  • Tingden Country Lodge (SN 2792) 20ft


  • Cosalt Matisse (SN 2822) 20ft


  • Willerby Boston (SN DCT2) 20ft


  • Willerby New Hampshire (SN 2811) 16ft SOLD


  • Delta Platinum (SN 2847) 20ft


Our used static caravan and holiday home range

Our stock offers you flexibility and great value on a range of top brands, including Carnaby, Delta, Pemberton and Willerby.

Caravan types:

  • Permanent occupation – luxury caravans with double glazing and central heating
  • Park homes – perfect for both residential and leisure accommodation
  • Summer and holiday homes – for own use (caravan holiday) and rental
  • Static caravans for a budget – comfortable without additional features
  • Temporary accommodation – options for selfbuild and construction projects

Top features include gas fires, double glazing, en-suite WCs and pitched roofs. Prices start from £1,000 for more basic specifications and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, call us on 01403 274 877 and we’ll make every effort to source it for you.

All of our homes are perfect for both permanent or holiday residence. Choose from fully or partly furnished homes, 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms, twin units, and 10ft, 12ft or 14ft wide caravans; the possibilities are endless.

Whilst N. Doe Caravans does not have a site for you to locate your homes, we can offer a wealth of knowledge in buying used static caravans and are on hand to answer any questions you might have. We also have a siting service and can transport your new purchase within 100 miles of our showground in Horsham.

Buying from N. Doe Caravans

We aim to deliver all caravans and homes within 7 days of the initial purchase and even offer free delivery by lorry within 100 miles of our base in Horsham, West Sussex, including Sussex, Surrey, Kent and Hampshire.

You’ll be spoiled for choice when buying your static caravan or holiday home from us and we recommend you book an appointment to tour our models. We have two large retail yards housing our huge range of off-site caravans for you to view, including some new static caravans stock.

As our stock changes constantly, with new caravans coming in all year round, please check our online store regularly. We also offer a range of static caravans to rent from three month terms, which can be ideal for a range of uses, including as temporary accommodation for a self-build or construction project.

Is a used static caravan right for you?

We certainly think so, but it depends on your needs and requirements. Buying used static caravans is a very cost effective way to access luxurious accommodation options, both permanent and temporary, without the inflated rates of buying new.

Many of our caravans also come partly or fully furnished, putting less pressure on you the buyer to spend more money on essential appliances and furniture.

You may also find that previous owners have made adjustments to the original design which you can benefit from without having to pay or plan for the work.

Book an appointment

See something you like or want to know more? Book an appointment with us today to take a tour of your desired static home or caravan; just call 01403 274 877 and we will organise a visit at a time convenient to you.

Please remember, we don’t own a plot for you to site your home on and any purchase must be made with that in mind. You’ll need to have a suitable plot or piece of land to place your purchase once ordered.

Please see our FAQs for information on buying our caravans, including what is required in terms of a deposit. You can also speak to us by filling in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Looking to sell your caravan?

If you want to see your caravan here, we also buy caravans second hand to add to our range. If you have a caravan in good condition, please see our sell your static information and don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Used static caravan FAQ

Are used static caravans a good investment?

Whether you live in your static, rent it out or share it seasonally with other users, they are generally a good investment and offer great value for money. Initially they are a big financial investment and of course, require maintenance over the years and if you do not have your own land the payment of holiday park or site fees – however, this can be more cost effective than the alternative of renting in the long term.

Static caravans offer excellent value as a place for you or your extended family to live in or an affordable entry into buy-to-let investment by letting it out. A static caravan on your own land will typically generate a vastly higher rental yield than a conventional brick built buy-to-let property. This is simply due to the initial investment cost being much lower, but with rents quite comparable based on square footage. So if income generation is important and access to initial investment funds are low, static caravans can be an excellent choice. Although it is worth noting the actual static caravan will depreciate in much the same way as a car as it ages. On the positive, repair and even replacement can be a very low cost compared to conventional brick properties.

To make the investment more cost effective, used statics are ideal as you immediately save on the premium price of buying a brand new model.

Can you live in a static caravan all year round?

Yes, the idea of seasonality probably comes from the traditional use of statics as holiday homes during the summer. Families, couples and everyone can live in used statics 365 days a year and many do. For the most comfortable living through winter months, static caravans with double glazing and central heating should be sought out.

The only considerations are those you’d also have living in a brick and mortar property; water maintenance, electric appliances and heating settings. You’ll also need to consider pipes freezing and energy bills throughout the year.

How long do used static caravans last?

This depends on a number of factors including the age and condition of the static when purchased and how well you take care of it once you are living or working in it. Used units can reach ages of 35+ years before being disposed of, but it really depends on how it is treated over this time; make it last longer with proper maintenance and careful buying.

Do static caravans need planning permission?

Mobile homes require planning permission if you’re looking to site them on a plot of land, as opposed to in a static caravan park. If you’re using a static for a self-build project, this should be a simple process to get permission to site it on your own land.

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