Static Caravan Siting & Transport Services

At N Doe Caravans we offer professional static caravan siting and transport services in Sussex, Surrey and Kent for static caravans, sectional buildings, multiple luxury park homes, twin units, model homes, and lodges throughout the South of England.

With over 50 years of experience and a fleet of transportation trucks, our specific skills will transport and site your static home securely, safely, and to your exact specifications. We work with both customers who are buying caravans from our stock, renting a caravan with us, and with customers who have already purchased or rented a caravan from another supplier.

Get in touch with your enquiry and we’ll be happy to discuss costs, new site access and timelines.

Our static caravan transport services in Sussex, Surrey, and Kent

As static caravan movers we offer a complete solution for your unit or units. Our professional services ensure all aspects are taken care of and you’re properly sited in a caravan park or on your own private land.

n doe caravans lorry

These services include:

  • Preparing static caravans for transport, storage or removal
  • Transporting and installing new or used units within 100 miles of Horsham, West Sussex
  • Assembling and levelling twin units, lodges and sectional buildings.
  • Siting and de-siting static caravans and mobile homes

We have the equipment and expertise to cover a wide range of static caravan sizes, including twin units, so don’t hesitate to get in touch for a quote. Moving a static caravan is an essential part of caravan ownership or rental and it is integral that a static caravan is transported safely and securely.

Who we work with

  • Individual caravaners
  • Holiday parks (Approved siting contractors for the National Holiday Park Chains).
  • Business owners and staff

This service is available to existing customers who are buying used static caravans from our stock, and for any caravaner, holiday park or business requiring new or used units to be installed or moved. Our static caravan transport services are available within 100 miles of our Horsham, West Sussex showground.

From individual homes to some of the biggest holiday parks and leisure sites, we put you first and are proud of our trusted and reliable reputation. We have worked with some of the biggest major holiday parks, including Haulfryn, Bourne Leisure, Park Holidays and Shorefield.

If you’re after caravan transporter services for your own park, we’re here to help.

How to book our caravan transport and siting services

We take care of hundreds of new lodges and park homes each year across the South of England and specialise in siting, relocating, and preparing units for storage and transport.

If you have a newly manufactured unit for a client, your showground, or simply need one relocated to another pitch or park, contact us and as highly professional caravan movers we’ll do all the hard work for you.

We are available in the office Mon-Fri 8am-5pm on 01403 274877, and out of hours can be reached using our contact form to discuss our siting and transport services.

What does siting a static caravan involve?

Our highly qualified team have extensive experience in siting and transporting a range of models and multiple units across the South East of England. Twin unit installation can include watertight or full siting, with internal trim fitment (this does not include connection and commissioning or services).

Siting a static involves:

  • Pitching
  • Jacking
  • Levelling
  • Supporting the unit
  • Siting to any specific warranty or insurance requirements


Pitching a caravan means placing it on the right pitch on the chosen site, which can either be hard standing (concrete base) or grass. We will adhere to the rules of the site, which may include following markers in the ground and facing the caravan in a certain direction. We’re able to advise on the best set up for your static caravan.


Jacking raises a caravan so that it can be put in position accurately and safely. Jacking a unit should be slow and gradual and continually supported at the marked support points, usually at each side of the entrance. Once a static caravan is jacked, supported correctly and levelled, it can be set in the correct place.


Ensuring the caravan is level is hugely important – a caravan not levelled correctly can cause problems including exterior and interior doors not opening and closing correctly, and large windows also having issues with opening and closing. Getting it right as it’s being sited will save a lot of frustration and further ensure your safety.

Supporting the unit

During the process, jacks, stands and blocks can be used under the chassis to hold the caravan steady and to ensure it has adequate support. The base for a static caravan should also be appropriate for the model to ensure it has long term support.

Siting to any specific warranty or insurance requirements

As we have worked with all of the leading brands of statics, we are very familiar with specific warranty terms and will always ensure these details are checked and adhered to.

What does moving a caravan involve?

Static caravans are legally notifiable abnormal loads for transport purposes. This means they require a police permit from every force’s policing area the load will travel through on its route.

static caravan on transport lorry

Here are some key parts of our service we include when arranging static caravan transport:

  • Police permits for abnormal load movements.
  • Bespoke built transport lorries that are suitable to securely carry the load of a static caravan
  • A custom escort vehicle which is legally required as the load will have to straddle two lanes of the carriageway to be delivered. This is an essential safety measure
  • Fully qualified staff with the appropriate training and insurance

Transporting a caravan is an involved process with lots of considerations and specialisms to take into account. As a caravan can be an expensive purchase, and because an owner will rarely have access to the vehicles needed to transport one, many caravaners and holiday parks use our trusted service in the South East.

making a budget with a calculator

How much does it cost to move a static caravan?

Static caravan transport prices vary depending on the distance being travelled, the size of the unit and if there are any issues with access for collection or delivery. Our static caravan transport costs start from roughly £700+ VAT and can exceed £5000+ VAT to relocate a twin unit. To scrap a caravan which has reached the end of its life typically costs £1700+VAT.

At N Doe Caravans we always give a fair and competitive price and always remove and transport statics in an incredibly safe and careful manner with all of the correct permissions in place.

Can you put a static caravan on agricultural land?

You can ask us to transport your caravan to site on your own agricultural land but you will need to have acquired the right permissions from the Local Planning Authority. You will need to contact the authority in your local area to get an understanding of what exactly is required. Depending on how the site is being used, you may also need to obtain a site licence.

We would request that you check that the access to the agricultural land allows for transport, delivery, and removal appropriate for your caravan, taking into consideration the fully loaded transport lorries. We regularly help accommodate farm workers with static caravans across the South East and are experienced in navigating narrow country roads.

Enquire today for caravan siting and transport in the South East

Call our team on 01403 274877. With over 40 years of experience we’re a leading specialist in caravans and will site your unit or units safely, securely and to an agreed timeline that’s convenient to you, whether you’re a private owner who wants their new home sited, a business owner accommodating staff or a holiday park expanding on their offerings.