Static Caravan Hire For Self Build Projects

Renting static caravans is an excellent choice to provide temporary accommodation for self build construction and renovation projects. Convenient, affordable and flexible, they are well suited to both short and long term leases, which makes them a popular choice for homeowners and construction workers alike.

At N.Doe Caravans we supply caravans to self builders and construction companies to house on site staff, and have years of knowledge and expertise to help you find affordable accommodation for the entirety of your project.

To book a viewing for any of our static caravans and to discuss your requirements with us, please call 01403 274877 and select option one.

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Project caravans in stock





  • DELTA LYDNEY (SN 2224) 12ft On Hire


  • DELTA SANTANA (SN 2916) 10ft


  • DELTA DARWIN (SN 2913) 10ft


  • BK CAPRICE (SN 2388) 12ft


  • ABI VISTA (SN 2842) 10ft


  • WILLERBY SUMMER (SN 2858) 10ft On Hire


  • DELTA SANTANA (SN 2866) 10ft


  • ABI VISTA (SN 2914) 10ft


  • ATLAS GEMINI (SN 2856) 10ft


  • ATLAS GEMINI (SN 2853) 10ft


  • ABI VISTA (SN 2850) 10ft


  • BK BLUEBIRD BREEZE (SN 2806) 12ft On Hire


  • DELTA SANTANA (SN 2901) 10ft


  • ABI VISTA (SN 2818) 10ft


  • DELTA DARWIN (SN 2880) 12ft


  • ABI VISTA (SN 2852) 10ft On Hire


  • ABI VISTA (SN 2816) 10ft


  • ABI VISTA (SN 2823) 10ft


  • COSALT PARTRIDGE (SN 2894) 10ft


  • COSALT PARTRIDGE (SN 2868) 10ft


  • COSALT PARTRIDGE (SN 2872) 10ft


  • COSALT PARTRIDGE (SN 2877) 10ft On Hire


  • COSALT PARTRIDGE (SN 2875) 10ft


  • DELTA NORDSTAR (SN 2925) 12ft


  • WILLERBY VACATION (SN 2922) 12ft


  • WILLERBY HERALD GOLD (SN 2921) 10ft - On Hire


  • WILLERBY HERALD (SN SR147) 10ft On Hire


Benefits of static caravans for self build projects

We stock a wide range of modern static caravans suitable for self builders, construction staff, road gangs, and for anyone living on site during building works. Living on site and renting static caravans offer a wide range of benefits:

man drilling in self build house project

  • Reduced accommodation costs – caravan accommodation is much cheaper than hotels, B&Bs or brick and mortarproperties and will suit more budgets
  • Increased site security – you’re on location during the self build project which will deter criminals as the site will obviously be occupied day and night
  • Reduced stress and admin – you can keep an eye on building progress, take deliveries as normal and have no need to change your address
  • Comfortable living and quality family life – modern static caravans have all the mod cons of home and most offer open plan living, meaning your family can spend time together without having to change your normal routine too much during construction
  • Easy exit strategy – as you’ve rented rather than bought you can keep the static caravan as long as you need it and then have it collected and removed when your construction project is complete

Find out about the many other advantages in our guide ‘The Benefits Of Static Caravans For Self Build Projects‘.

Static caravan hire for self builders

Over the years we have supplied static caravans to a number of self builders whilst their home is being built or whilst the renovators are working. Often sharing with their partner, children or other family members, comfort is essential and we have the perfect range available to rent.

Most who choose this form of temporary accommodation do so to get the balance right between cost and quality; often hotels and traditional houses are too expensive or have contract terms that aren’t as flexible or appropriate.

Caravans ideal for families can include:

  • En-suite bathrooms
  • Open plan kitchen/diner
  • 2-3 bedrooms
  • Twin bedrooms

On the other hand, we can find the right caravan to suit your budget and provide you with incredible flexibility. Choosing a static caravan gives you the advantage of being able to move out of your house without having to change your address, and for many people this is ideal whilst renovations take place.

Why hire self build accommodation from N.Doe Caravans?

  • A fantastic range of rental caravans to suit your specific needs
  • We set-up the statics and offer siting services to get your unit or units safely in place
  • Transportation to and from the property, including at end of lease (free within 100 miles of our Horsham showground)
  • Affordable rental costs, beating hotels, B&Bs and other accommodation types
  • Flexible short and long term leases available

Static caravans for building projects FAQ

Are short and long term hires available?

house under renovation on site

Yes, both short and long term hires are available for our customers. We offer both short and long-term hire services to suit your plans, and to help if things don’t go exactly to plan, for example if a project deadline is delayed.

If your project looks to overrun substantially, we may advise on purchasing a caravan, which can then take part in our buy back scheme once you’re ready to sell it on. Once your project is over, just call us and we can let you know its trade value for us to buy back from you. If you are happy with our offer, we will purchase your unit back and come to collect it from your location, within 100 miles of Horsham, West Sussex.

Our buy back scheme is dependent on our stock requirements and the condition of the static once the project is over.

Is buying a caravan an option for temporary accommodation?

Buying a caravan is also an option to meet your temporary accommodation needs, rather than renting. Depending on the length of your construction project, this may be a more cost effective solution for long term accommodation, and allows you to buy a higher specification model from us, rather than leasing.

Once you have bought the caravan, there will be no rental costs and you will benefit from more luxury whilst you’re working on site. This added comfort may reduce stress even further and could work well should you be self-building and living with your family.

Call us now to discuss if you’re unsure if you need to buy or rent a caravan.

Will you need planning permission?

builder lifting drywood for home construction

Typically, yes, you will require planning permission to site a static caravan for a construction project, but ultimately it depends on the purpose and location of your potential site, and your local council.

You should always check what planning permissions may be applicable in the area you live or are working in before a caravan is transported and sited. Contact your local planning department for more information.

Will you still need to use self storage?

Whether you need to use self storage whilst you relocate to your static will depend on:

  • What you own
  • Your access to storage in your main home
  • The size of your chosen static for temporary accommodation

Having a caravan on location can mean you can move your possessions around and enjoy extra storage, however it really depends on the scale of renovation works taking place on the main property. Once you’ve picked a caravan of a certain size, you can assess the space you may need to book for self storage.

Rent a static caravan for self build and construction work

If you have a project planned and are looking for temporary accommodation, we would recommend choosing a static caravan or a fleet of caravans to house your whole staff.

Get in touch today about our caravan stock by calling 01403 274877 with your requirements. We can advise on the best solution for your needs and are on hand to recommend the right models to ensure you have everything you need whilst building works are being completed.

We are open Mon- Fri 8am-5pm and have sales appointments available seven days a week.

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