Top 5 Benefits To Static Caravan Ownership

Static caravans have long been a great investment for couples, families and singles to find their ideal permanent home or a hassle-free holiday home. When you’re researching which models, features and parks you’d prefer, you’ll soon realise that there are many reasons and benefits to owning statics, rather than renting or getting a mortgage for a traditional property.

Whether you’ve made your decision or are still unsure of the right choice for you, static caravans can easily offer both luxury and comfort, as well as incredible value for money. As ‘staycations’ and holidays in the UK become more and more popular, now is the time to invest.

To help you with your research before you purchase your own static caravan, we’ve put together the top five benefits of static caravan ownership, including a look at why used static caravans may be the perfect, affordable solution.

Benefits to owning a static caravan

1. Cost effective accommodation

Static caravans from leading brands are expertly designed with comfort, luxury and style in mind, with modern models being particularly impressive. In comparison to traditional brick and mortar homes, they offer affordable housing solutions for private ownership, perhaps with a quality that would otherwise be out of your budget.

More and more statics have plenty of storage options and practical layouts that make the most of the space available. With a huge selection of sizes and twin units, there’s something for everyone. You could even look to sublet a room (if permitted at your chosen site/holiday park) to earn extra money.

Of course, used static caravans offer even more value with some older models available from around £3,000, all the way up to luxury modern units in the region of £20k. If taken care of, statics can last and reach ages of 35+ before being disposed of.

2. Luxury and modern interiors

When looking at buying a static caravan, you get to pick the specific model you like the most, so you’re guaranteed to feel at home with the design and interiors. Statics from the last few years feature modern and high-end fittings that are both practical and look great. With many coming furnished, you don’t even have to worry about the additional cost of furniture and mod-cons.

Generally decorated to a high standard and in a neutral design, you can move in and make your own mark, or keep it subtle depending on your own tastes. Either way, you’re benefiting from a high quality finish and design for less than the same standard in a traditional brick and mortar property.

3. Easy travel – no towing

Transporting a static caravan

Choosing a static caravan can often be a choice between choosing a static or a touring caravan. The main benefit of being a static caravan owner is once you have had it transported and sited, you don’t need to arrange for it to move regularly or deal with the hassle and stress of towing and manoeuvring. If you’re thinking you’ll use your static as a holiday home, simply have it sited in the location of your choice and enjoy breaks there throughout the year.

As a holiday home, a park will charge annual site fees. Consider letting out your sited caravans so you can earn a rental income when you aren’t holidaying. Always check this is permitted before choosing a park if you have this in mind. Consider choosing statics that have double glazing and central heating for year round use, maximising your earning potential.

4. Direct access to beautiful locations

british countryside

Holiday parks and caravan sites across the UK are in some of the most beautiful locations in the country, offering fantastic views, relaxing environments and often a range of facilities and activities for residents. By owning a static caravan, you can sit back, relax and enjoy.

Whether a home or a home away from home, static caravans offer access to land you wouldn’t otherwise be able to enjoy, and the chance to discover countryside walks and attractions. If this sounds like the perfect lifestyle, it could be the best reason for you to invest in ownership.

5. Being part of a community

home mat

For both full-time residents and those who holiday at parks, you can find new neighbours and a new community of like-minded people to meet and form friendships with over time. This can be a rewarding experience and a huge part of static caravan life.

When you’re buying a static, check it fits all the requirements and access for parks to understand where you can site it, particularly if you already have a specific community or location you’d like to join.

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Should you buy new or used statics?

Ultimately, this comes down to budget considerations and if all your requirements are being met by either a new or a used model. Buying new means you enjoy brand new features, similar to buying a new home, but it does come at a premium price tag and again, as a new home, will reduce in value as soon as you’ve moved in. See our guide on buying a used static caravan to go more in-depth into the considerations.

Are statics a good investment?

Chances are, you’ve already realised that statics are a good investment and that it’s an investment right for you. Static caravans cost a high initial cost but offer great value over time, especially if you would otherwise be renting for extended periods.

They are also fantastic buy-to-let opportunities and have the potential to have a high rental yield for a comparatively low investment against conventional brick homes.

Are there any additional costs to consider when buying a static caravan?

Yes, you should consider additional costs such as transportation, siting, utilities, and annual site fees. It’s important to include these in your budget when planning for caravan ownership.

Helpful further reading would be our guide to the additional costs to consider for caravan ownership.

Can I rent out my static caravan when I’m not using it?

Yes, many owners rent out their static caravans. This can be a great way to earn additional income. However, ensure that the holiday park or chosen location where your caravan is located permits subletting.

How long do static caravans typically last?

With proper care and maintenance, static caravans can last over 35 years. The lifespan may vary depending on the make, model, and how well it is maintained. Read our guide to the life expectancy of a static caravan to learn more.

Can I choose the location of my static caravan?

Yes, you can choose where to site your static caravan. Many people opt for holiday parks or caravan sites in scenic locations. Consider the site’s facilities, community, and whether it allows for subletting if that’s in your plans. If you’re siting on private land, check with the local authority to ensure you don’t need planning permission.

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