How To Make Your Static Caravan More Environmentally Friendly

Trying to live more sustainably is a focus we’re all taking more seriously, and it counts both at home and on holiday. When it comes to static caravans, there are a number of ways you can take the environment into consideration and lower your carbon footprint, whether you live in your static year round, use it as a holiday home, or rent it out.

Here we look at some of the best ways you can make your static caravan more environmentally friendly, and how being a ‘greener caravanner’ benefits both you and the environment.

As you’ll see, buying a pre-owned, second hand static is a huge step in the right direction. Call us on 01403 274877 to enquire about any of our used static caravans to buy.

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Eco-friendly static caravan ideas

Buy a used static caravan

If you pick a used model when you buy a static caravan, it means you are increasing the lifespan of an existing unit, rather than requiring the manufacture of a brand new static that will use new materials and have it’s own carbon footprint.

By choosing pre-owned, you’re essentially recycling and reusing a static that’s in good condition with many years remaining, reducing the strain on the resources it takes to build a model from scratch.

Used models also have the huge financial benefit of costing less than a brand new model, similar to buying a car, which likely means you will get more for your money.

Consider energy use

gas burner

The same as in a brick and mortar property, be thoughtful when it comes to energy use for your gas and electricity; consider how many hours you have the heating on and at what temperature. Also take time to consider ways to reduce usage, such as wearing more layers if it’s cold, skirting the caravan, adding extra insulation under the caravan and installing low energy lightbulbs.

To help balance energy use, you can install a smart thermostat which lets you programme in temperature settings for when you’re likely to be in or out, or away for extended periods of time.

Install solar panels

solar panels close up

An option that’s growing in popularity is the installation of solar panels on the roofs of static caravans toturn solar power into electricity you can use. The process is quite simple, you ask a trusted solar panel installer to measure your unit and create a plan for installation. You should get an estimate of the energy the panels will produce and the monetary value this equates to.

Of course, over time you will feel the benefit to your energy bills as well as knowing you’re helping the environment by using renewable energy. Before considering this option in-depth, check the rules on solar panels with your holiday park and what permissions may be required.

Pick double glazed windows and doors

If you’re able to, pick a static caravan to buy that has double glazing, or upgrade your static to double glazing. When windows and doors are double glazed, you can enjoy a huge range of benefits from the extra insulation it provides:

  • Better temperature control that makes it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer
  • Cost savings on energy bills
  • Extra sound proofing
  • Less condensation

View our range of statics with double glazing, many of which also have central heating.

Choose a closer location

holiday park on the coast

If you’re buying a static caravan to site it within a park for your holidays, consider the distance you will need to travel for your stay. If possible, choose a closer caravan park that requires you to drive less, reducing pollution, or which has excellent public transport services nearby.

You can also research the park itself to see what energy efficiency methods they utilise and the steps they may be taking to be more environmentally friendly.

Avoid plastic and recycle

plastic bottle by blindsWhen living in or using your static caravan, try to limit single-use plastic and make every effort to recycle wherever possible as a way to reduce your waste.

If you have a caravan rental, make it easy for occupants to sort their waste as they would at home.

Pick a lightweight model

Whilst the weight of a static caravan isn’t often the first selling point, it’s worth noting that lighter statics will require less energy to transport as they are being hauled and sited from one location to another. You can ask your dealer or the manufacturer for the weight of any particular model to judge the impact this may have.

Find a used static with N. Doe Caravans

If you’re planning your next purchase and want to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable, we have a wide range of used static caravans in good condition, all available at competitive prices. If you have any questions about their energy use or double glazing, we’re on hand to help.

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