A Guide To The Different Types Of Static Caravans

Static caravans are prefabricated homes that can be transported and sited, and are a much more affordable choice than a traditional brick and mortar home. Different to tourer caravans however, once they are sited they can typically spend months and years at the same location, either as a permanent home or for use as holiday accommodation.

With many different manufacturers and different markets to cater to – businesses, caravanners, landlords – like anything, static caravans come in a number of different styles and types. You’re probably familiar with park homes and single units, but there are more to choose from if you’re looking to buy or rent.

To help, here’s our guide of the main different types of statics, the terms and what they mean. At our offices and showground we specialise in both single and twin unit statics, with features such as double glazing, central heating, and multiple bedrooms.

7 different types of statics

Single static caravan

This is a caravan designed and built as a one piece item that is also moved as a single load. Typically single static caravans will be either 10ft or 12ft wide (although 13-15ft units to exist) and range in length up to 45 feet.

Single statics can be practical for singles or couples, renting to house staff and for temporary accommodation during a self-build project. Depending on the number of bedrooms they can also be suitable for families. Once sited, outside decking can be added to increase the living space.

Twin unit static

This is a static caravan that is built as a sectional building with wheels under it; when the sections are joined together it forms the finished caravan. Typically, the caravan will be made in two halves, each 10ft wide, and each half constitutes a load for transport. Once the two halves are delivered, they are joined together again to form the finished caravan.

Naturally twin units are larger than single units and can be the ideal choice for on-site construction offices, as well as larger permanent homes in parks. With multiple bedrooms usually built-in, they are good for families and growing families.

Log cabin or ‘lodge’

This is a single or twin unit that has been timber clad on the exterior to look like a log cabin. They can often be referred to as lodges, although these are more likely to have been finished with plastic or metal panels made to look like timbers. They can look very impressive and suit a range of park locations as well as private land use.

Typically, lodges are more expensive options and can be double the width of statics so offer more space and luxury, often with open plan designs.

Park home

This is a single or twin width static caravan built specifically for full time residential use. Typically built with more insulation, it is often preferred by park owners. Having the additional insulation makes it more energy efficient and more appealing for living in during autumn and winter.

In appearance, they could be likened to bungalows. To be a park home, it must be transportable in either one or two pieces. Legally recognised as mobile homes, they must adhere to the Mobile Homes Act 1983 and built to the British Standard BS2632.

Rough cast

This is park home that has been finished in a textured render, often painted once applied. The wider colour choice and textures give the caravan further visual detail and can appeal to personal tastes.

Summer caravan

This is a static caravan normally clad in aluminium without central heating or double glazing. This caravan would have been built for original sale to summer holiday caravan parks that did not operate in the winter months. If purchased second hand it can probably be retro-fitted should you wish to use it during the winter months, but you’d need to take into account the additional costs when purchasing.

Winterised – winter pack

A static caravan that was manufactured with double glazing and central heating and often thicker insulation. They’ve been designed to be used all year round, particularly in the winter months, and as such are resilient against colder temperatures and weather. Winterised static features such as double glazing are by most considered as essential if you want to live in it year round, or will visit it during the colder months.

Looking to buy a used or new static?

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Viewings at our showground are highly recommended and are by appointment only. We’ll meet you and show you around the models you’re interested in, answering any questions you may have. Please see our Static Caravan Buyer’s Checklist to know more on what to look for.

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