Hiring vs Buying Static Caravans: Pros And Cons Guide

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Hiring or buying a static caravan need not be a complicated choice, but there are several factors to consider. Choosing to rent a static caravan has many advantages – including flexibility and lower maintenance, but owning a static caravan means that you have a known fixed cost and the option to sell when no longer needed.
In the end, whether hiring or buying a static caravan is right for you will depend on your circumstances and preferences. A few key questions to ask yourself before making a decision, either way, can include the following:

  • What kind of budget are you working with?
  • What is the static caravan for?
  • How long will you need to use it?
  • How many people will be staying in it?
  • Will it be used for you or employees to stay? As a holiday home? A temporary home during reconstruction?

Our guide will help you to evaluate the benefits and other considerations of hiring vs. buying static caravans and to establish your priorities and what’s right for you. Whether you decide to buy or rent, speak to our team to discuss our stock, costs and expert transportation services.

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Pros of Hiring a Static Caravan Pros of Buying a Static Caravan
Admin is already sorted Home away from home
More cost-effective than hotels or renting a property Cost-effective accommodation
Lower upfront costs Flexibility
Community for you or your employees
Cons of Hiring a Static Caravan Cons of Buying a Static Caravan
Long term hiring may not be cost-effective Selling it on
Restrictions on usage Maintenance and repair costs
Lack of ownership Lack of flexibility

Hiring a static caravan – the pros

You or your company do not own the caravan

By hiring a caravan, the admin is already sorted and once you are finished with it, you can hand it straight back.

More cost-effective than hotel stays or renting a property

Staying in hotels or short-term accommodations can quickly add up, and it is not always guaranteed to be in a suitable location for work. Hiring static caravans tends to be a far more cost-effective way of housing temporary employees or during your home renovation project. It also means you’re staying on the same site during this period.

No ongoing maintenance or repair costs

The static caravan owner is usually responsible for maintaining the caravan, including handling repairs and regular servicing. This can save you both money and time.

Lower upfront costs

Hiring has a lower initial cost compared to buying a caravan. This makes it a more affordable option for short-term needs or for those with a tighter budget.

Potential cons to renting

Long term hiring may not be cost effective

While hiring has lower upfront costs, over the long term, the costs can accumulate and may end up being higher than the cost of purchasing a caravan.

Restrictions on usage

Caravan owners may not permit the unit to be used for staff or allow pets to reside in the caravan. Ensure you check any restrictions before you agree to rent the static caravan.

Lack of ownership

You don’t actually own the caravan when you’re hiring it. This means you can’t make significant changes to it, and you might not feel as “at home.”

Buying a static caravan – the pros

Home away from home

For you or your employees, the caravan could be a good home away from home, especially if there are facilities and amenities around. You can personalise the space to your taste, and can avoid the surge pricing that comes from holiday homes and other accommodation.

Cost-effective accommodation

Ensure you and your business get your money’s worth, by owning a static caravan rather than keep renting one. Even with running costs, it is cheaper than a hotel or short-term accommodation fees.


If you need workers accommodation or your renovation project goes over time, having your own static caravan ensures greater flexibility and a place to fall back on. You also have the freedom to use it whenever you want without worrying about booking availability, especially during peak seasons.

Community for you or your employees

If you have employees all staying in one location, it could support them being with like minded people and help boost morale. It also makes it easier to transport workers to and from their working site.

If you’re situated in a holiday park or caravan park, this is a great way to meet new people and socialise.

Potential cons to buying

Selling it on

If you’re living in your static caravan short term for a house build, or have bought it to accommodate workers, once you no longer need it you will have to spend time organising its sale to recover some of your investment. While selling static caravans in holiday parks and caravan parks can be slightly easier, it is likely the value will have decreased after you’ve used it and there may be restrictions or site fees included.

High initial investment

Buying a caravan requires a higher upfront investment than hiring, which could be prohibitive for some.

Maintenance and repair costs

As the owner, you’ll be responsible for all the maintenance and repair costs. This also includes insurance costs.

Lack of flexibility

Owning a caravan ties you down to one model and often to one caravan site. If you want to experience different locations or caravans, you’ll have to hire or buy another one.

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