How To Keep A Caravan Cool In Summer

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Living in a caravan year round means you experience all the seasons the UK has to offer, each bringing their pros and cons to caravan life. In winter you may need to make preparations to stay warm in your caravan, and in summer, you’ll want to keep your caravan cool as it gets hotter.

As static caravans have a smaller interior space than traditional brick and mortar homes, they can get unbearably hot in the warmer months if you’re also cooking, have appliances on, or simply don’t have the right precautions in place.

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Keep your caravan cool

Here we look at how to keep your static caravan cool in summer, which can make a big difference to enjoying those blissful summer days and nights in your residential park:

Open the windows

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Air flow is crucial to stay cool and one of the most cost effective ways of improving air flow is by having your windows open. Whilst this seems simple enough, consider:

  • Opening the windows on the shaded side of your static caravan only (not the sunny side)
  • Using fans to let this shaded, cooler air in to your home
  • Adding window films that can prevent sun and UV rays entering your static

You can also combine this with ceiling fans or using a small fan you can plug in to help with having cool air inside.

Close the blinds or draw the curtains

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A very easy way to stay cooler is to keep your blinds closed and your curtains drawn. Both of these will reduce the amount of direct sunlight and heat entering your static caravan, helping to regulate the overall temperature. It may seem a shame to have dim lighting during a summer’s day but it’s very effective and you can always change your methods of keeping cool throughout the day to let some light in.

Invest in air conditioners or mobile fans for cool air

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Having an air conditioner unit is a worthwhile investment if you live in a caravan year round as an air con is an effective way to reduce hot air and keep your caravan cool. When you use air conditioners, keep doors and windows closed so the heat from outside isn’t getting in. From an energy use perspective, try to limit air con use; for example when it gets cool in the evenings turn it off and try opening windows instead.

Try to cook outdoors

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Having indoor ovens on will increase the ambient temperature of your static and if you live in an open plan design, it may feel inescapable on the hottest days. Take the opportunity to safely have a barbecue outside or, if the heat is too much, stay inside and enjoy cold food like salads instead.

Turn appliances off

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Modern appliances as found in all modern caravans produce their own heat when being used. This doesn’t just include the obvious like an oven or a kettle, but anything electric or gas may produce heat as a waste energy when in use. Try to limit appliance use and keep them off when you can if they aren’t essential.

You can also think about making the switch to LED lighting from Halogen and incandescent bulbs, which are known to produce a fair amount of heat when they’re in use.

Create and enjoy some shade

shade under a tree

Take time out of the full sun to enjoy the shade and lower your body temperature when it’s hot. You can provide shade for yourself and your family with umbrellas, pergolas, awnings and shades for outside your caravan. This should also help the temperature inside if you have the door open and the curtains or blinds drawn. Even if your caravan doesn’t have decking, you can still use the area outside to relax in the shade and stay out of the sun’s rays.

Keep cool at night

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Generally the temperature will lower at night so as it gets into the evening, open up all the windows and vents and allow the cool air to come inside until you feel comfortable or plan to go to sleep. You could also leave any awnings you have down ready for the next day.

Furthermore, you could see if your residential park site has any tips for keeping your caravan cool or guides they could share with residents for the summer months.

Further tips for summer in a static caravan

How do you insulate a caravan in the summer?

Modern caravans should be built with roof and wall insulation that helps to regulate temperature throughout the year, keeping it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. You can check this for your specific model and if you’re thinking about buying a new static caravan, check the insulation before you purchase.

Keep a close eye on any pets

If your park allows pets, keep a close eye on them in the heat and look for signs that they may be feeling dehydrated and make sure they have easy access to cold water. They may choose to stay indoors in a dimly lit room with the blinds down, or sit in the shade outside – wherever they go, make sure they stay in sight and have good ventilation.

Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated is really important in hot weather and when you’re enjoying the sun. Drink plenty of water, you can even try ice cold water or fruit juice, and stay alert to feelings of dehydration such as a dry mouth and feeling lightheaded or dizzy. If you’re a coffee or tea fan, try to avoid these drinks as they can actually further dehydrate you.

What if you’re renting a static?

Whilst all of these summer tips still apply to a rented caravan if they get too hot, you may have less options for keeping your caravan cooler based on the terms of your contract. Double check with your renter and speak to them if you feel the sun and the heat is too much. The basics however of keeping windows open on the shaded side and closed on the sunny side with all still help.

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