Static Caravan Maintenance Tips

static caravan maintenance

Like most things, static caravans will require maintenance over time in order to keep them in good condition and to maximise their lifespan. Maintenance can include everything from simple regular cleaning of your static caravan both inside and out, to the replacement of guttering, windows and kitchens and bathrooms.

Of course the life expectancy of your static caravan is heavily dependent on your usage, its location and the amount of exposure to harsh conditions, but with the proper maintenance and care there is no reason that a static caravan shouldn’t last upwards of 20 or 30 years.

We’ve put together this checklist of static caravan maintenance tips to help you keep on top of things, extending the lifespan of your static so it can be enjoyed by friends and family for years to come. We also stock a huge range of both new and pre-loved static caravans, available to view at our showgrounds in Billingshurst and Horsham. Want to know more? Get in touch today on 01403 274 877, or simply send us your enquiry and we’ll be in touch.

Importance of static caravan maintenance

Clean static caravan
We service and MOT our vehicles, we take our pets to the vets, we prune our hedges and mow our lawns. Static caravans are in no way different. If we want them to remain in as near to new condition as possible, for as long as possible, it’s important that we maintain them properly. As well as this, caravan maintenance ensures the safety of your caravan when you’re using it.

How often should I perform static caravan maintenance?

The regularity of static caravan maintenance depends on the nature of the maintenance. Some tasks should be completed on a regular basis, some long term, and some on an ad hoc basis only as and when they are required. In this guide to static caravan maintenance we’ve tried to include as much as possible, including the how, the how often and the why.

Maintaining your caravan

Static caravan interior

Regular maintenance tips



It goes without saying, we hope, but keeping the interior of your static caravan clean will not only ensure that it remains a pleasant space to inhabit, it will help to lengthen the lifespan of furniture, interior fixtures, fittings and appliances.

Tasks that should be completed on a regular basis include:

  • Hoovering
  • Disinfecting of bathroom surfaces and kitchen countertops
  • Wiping down of windows and mirrors

Tasks that need to be completed on a less regular basis include:

  • Shampooing and cleaning of carpets and upholstery
  • Checking for blockages in wall or floor vents and clearing as necessary

More in depth information on how to clean your static caravan can be found in our dedicated blog.


The exterior of your static caravan is continually exposed to the elements – sun, wind, rain, hail (and often highly damaging salt water if your unit is located on a holiday park near a coast for example) – are all factors that can contribute to the early degradation of your beloved caravan.

Tasks that should be completed on a regular basis include:

  • Window cleaning
  • Jet (or cloth) washing outside walls
  • Checking for, and clearing of, any blockages in air vents and roof vents

Tasks that need to be completed on a less regular basis include:

  • Clearing of leaves and other debris from guttering
  • Jet washing the underside of your static caravan.

Air flow

One of the most important things to consider when maintaining your caravan is ensuring you’re allowing it to ‘breathe’. Make sure you regularly open vents and clear them of any debris. If the caravan is not well ventilated, condensation and black mould can quickly become an issue.

Long term maintenance tips

Static caravan park

Gas safety and Boiler servicing

For the safety of inhabitants and surrounding neighbours it is recommended that boilers and gas systems, much like at home, receive an annual service. This will ensure that your heating system is working in correct and safe order, not only keeping everyone safe but helping to keep energy bills as low as possible.

Electrical safety

For units located on holiday parks it is a legal requirement for an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) to be carried out annually. This involves a visual inspection of the system as well as a series of tests on the electrical installation by a qualified electrician. These checks ultimately determine whether or not the unit is safe for continued use.

Ad hoc maintenance tips

  • Checking of window and door seals for degradation
  • Regular opening of windows will help to circulate air minimising the risk of damp and mould
  • Draining down of water system over winter months
  • Checking of anchor chains, chassis and tow links for corrosion
  • Check for damp and water leaks. A water leak around a flue, window or skylight can quickly destroy the timber that makes up the unit’s structure. So get on top of any water leaks ASAP

Upgrade your static caravan

If you’d like to speak to us regarding anything static caravan related we’d love to hear from you! You can contact us by calling 01403 274 877, or sending us your enquiry via our online contact form. Our team is always on hand and happy to answer any questions and provide any advice to help you get the most from your static.

At some point even the best maintained units will require updating. When that time comes why not come and check out our huge range of new and used static caravans at our show grounds in Horsham and Billingshurst?

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