How To Prepare Your Static Caravan For Sale

*Updated February 2021

Selling a used static caravan is probably like no other item you will have sold before, and if it’s your first time preparing your static caravan for sale, you don’t want to miss out any important steps. Bear in mind that unlike brick and mortar properties, statics will likely need safe transportation to a new site once sold, meaning you need to clarify site access for the new owner and ensure you’re in a position to sell before you put up a listing or contact a dealer.

It’s worth considering that selling a static caravan is as much about easing the process for the buyer, as it is about physical and cosmetic preparation. Follow the considerations and top tips in our guide and get in touch if you have any queries or would like to sell your caravan to our dealership, based in West Sussex. We buy statics manufactured after the year 2000 that are within 100 miles of our showground.

What do you need to consider before listing your static?

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When you have made the decision to sell, perhaps you want to upgrade, switch manufacturers, have more space, or want to free up funds, you need to consider:

  • Is your static sales ready?
  • Do you have a set date you need to sell by?
  • Do you have a minimum cost you need to achieve?
  • How much money do you have for marketing it for sale?

Your answers to these questions will guide you on your next steps, however, it’s worth noting that selling direct to a dealer who buys individual statics will likely be the quickest and cheapest option, whilst at the same time getting you a fair price for your static caravan.

Prepare your static caravan for sale

As with everything for sale, presentation matters when it comes to selling your static, from imagery and video on listings to viewings. Buyers need to be able to see the condition of the unit and get a good idea of the space. Having a clean, well-maintained caravan will attract more attention as it’ll look ready to move into or rent.

Declutter your static

This seems obvious as would be part of any selling process for any type of property, but it is even more important with static caravans as they are much smaller places that traditional homes and offices.

If you are serious about selling, then remove or reduce personal items, furniture and clutter from the caravan. This gives the feeling of more space and avoids any doubts that issues are hidden behind your possessions, such as signs of damp for example.

You should also declutter around the outside of the caravan as well to give potential buyers the best first impression of the unit, and to reassure them it has been well looked after.

Ensure it isn’t too personalised

Not everyone’s tastes are the same so take down any personal touches that may be off putting. Stickers above the bed with a quote can be sentimental to the seller but at the same time, cringeworthy to a potential buyer; review similar elements of the design on a case by case basis and ask, will this help or hinder a sale?

Essentially, anything you can do to return your caravan to as close to the condition it was in when it left the factory is a positive step. This will allow for the broadest possible selection of buyers, from park owners to private individuals.

Give it a proper clean

An obvious consideration but incredibly worthwhile to the sale process of static caravans. Typically, the level of cleanliness most people will tolerate on a day to day basis is often lower than when they are spending money – so go the extra mile.

As a result, it should be cleaned for sale, which means those nooks and crannies skipped on a weekly clean shouldn’t be ignored. Buyers will take care in inspecting the unit so leave no stone unturned. If this is something you don’t have time for, it may be worthwhile paying for a professional clean if your budget allows.

Again, don’t forget the outside of your unit; just like a car for sale you want it to look it’s best from the outside. For further advice, see our guide on cleaning static caravans.

Complete fixes and final touches

Like any home there are probably lots of little jobs you’ve not quite got around too. If you know of a loose trim, wonky kitchen cupboard door, or other minor annoyances, try to prepare your static by fixing them before you take photos and arrange viewings. These final, little touches can make all the difference and instil confidence in a buyer to make an offer.

Ensure your caravan is easily accessed

Before you consider listing your caravan for sale, think back to when it arrived and how complex it was to install in its current location. Has anything altered, grown or been built on the route in that the caravan originally took?

It will be extremely hard to sell your caravan unless the buyer or their transport company has an easy job of collecting it. You could have the most fantastic caravan, but if it requires a complex extraction from your property it will never sell.

Check our our guide on assessing access to help.

Does sales preparation change depending on the type of static?

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The short answer is no, whether twin, single, 2 room, 3 room, the process is the same. The only time when you may want to look at the process differently is if you’re selling it for commercial or domestic use, or know the preference of the seller.

Generally, if it’s going to be used as an office space you won’t need to make it feel too homely as the considerations of the buyer are much more practical. In this instance, make sure the kitchen facilities look as appealing as possible and that the main space is light and aired out.

If you know the potential buyer is looking to rent out to a family or live in it themselves, showcase the communal spaces and ensure your furniture layout is arranged to highlight how spacious the unit is for two, three, four or more people. This is why it can be crucial to know who you’re aiming to sell to.

Who are you aiming to sell to?

Private individual

Selling your caravan to a private individual will typically secure the greatest return, but be prepared to have to assist them in its removal process. Have on hand a few contacts of firms capable of transporting and siting static caravans who can deliver it safely to your buyer.

It may be that you end up covering the cost of the de-siting of the unit and positioning for loading in the nearest road, so the buyers transport company can simply back up and load the unit. However you organise this, take the cost into account when you set your asking price as it will reduce your profit margin.

Holiday park owner

Selling your static caravan to a holiday park owner to use as a holiday home can be a quick process and easy to arrange if you bought it from them directly and are currently sited at the park. Typically parks will buy other units but they will need to meet any requirements they set, which can include no alterations, and being from a certain manufacturer.

Caravan dealer

Selling your unit to a caravan dealer can pay off as they generally offer very competitive prices and are likely to be able to arrange transport for collection, removing some of the hassle for you, the seller. It’s a good idea to check they buy privately and are looking for individual units.

At N.Doe Caravans we buy from private sellers and if you send across good quality imagery, we may be able to make a quick offer and arrange a sale price over the phone without a viewing.

Looking to sell in the south east?

At N. Doe Caravans we buy second hand static caravans to sell at our site in Horsham, West Sussex. We look for models that are well-kept and presentable, in fine working order and have many years left to them so that our clients get the best options when they’re looking. We are also licensed waste carriers and can remove and dispose of scrap caravans that are no longer fit for use.

If you think your static would suit our needs, don’t hesitate to contact us with your details and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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