Legal Guide To Static Caravan Ownership

Static caravans are a popular choice for many people who want to have a holiday home that they can use throughout the year. However, being a static caravan owner is not as straightforward as owning a traditional property, and there are several legal considerations that need to be taken into account to ensure your caravan is sited within the law.

Here are some key static caravan rules and regulations to consider when it comes to static caravan ownership in the UK:

Planning Permission For Static Caravans

Before you buy a static caravan, you should check whether you need planning permission to have it on your chosen site. In most cases, if you’re living in your static caravan then you will need planning permission to site it on your own land, but if you are buying a caravan on a holiday park, the holiday park owners should already have the necessary planning permission.

Make sure to check with your local authority about planning permission before making any purchases.

When dealing with a holiday park or caravan site, you can further protect yourself by checking if your chosen holiday park site is regulated by an industry body. The two main bodies to look out for are the National Caravan Council (NCC) and the British Holiday & Home Parks Association.

Agricultural Land

If you’re looking to site your caravan on your own agricultural land, you will require planning permission from the Local Planning Authority. To understand what is required for this, you will need to contact your local council, as most councils differ in each area. Depending on how the site is being used, you may also need to obtain a site license.


When you purchase a static caravan, you are not buying the land it sits on. Instead, you are buying the caravan itself and any fixtures and fittings that come with it.

If you are purchasing a caravan in a holiday park. you will also need to pay an annual pitch fee to the caravan park owner, which covers the cost of renting the pitch where your caravan is located.


If you plan to sublet your caravan when you are in a separate dwelling, you will need to obtain planning permission if the caravan is on private land or permission from the site owners. Some parks have restrictions on subletting, so it is important to check the terms and conditions of your agreement before you start renting out your caravan.

If you’ve got all of the relevant permissions in place, read our guide to maximising the rental income of static caravans.


Static caravan insurance on private land is not only highly recommended, but often considered essential for peace of mind and financial security. While it may not be a legal requirement to have insurance for your static caravan, insuring your valuable asset can protect you from potential risks and liabilities, such as accidental damage, theft, or natural disasters. Also, if your static caravan is situated on private land, it may be subject to unique risks associated with the land itself or from third-party liability claims.

If you are staying on a caravan site, the park owner may require you to have a minimum level of insurance cover, so it is important to check this before you settle on the land permanently.


When your mobile home is on a holiday park site, you are responsible for static caravan maintenance and keeping it in good condition. You will also need to comply with any park rules and regulations regarding the appearance and upkeep of your caravan, it will need to be suitable for human habitation at all times and remain in decent condition.

With both caravans on your own land or in holiday parks, it is also vital that you keep to any safety legislation that may be required to ensure your caravan is safe for you and the land around it. This includes gas checks, boiler servicing and any electrical safety checks.

How N Doe Can Help

Although we can’t handle any legal disputes you may have once you own your static caravan, we can help you site it and provide expert advice. We are able to:

  • prepare static caravans for siting
  • transport and install static caravans within 100 miles of Horsham
  • assemble and level caravans and mobile homes
  • site static caravans

If your static caravan needs transporting, whether on private land, a holiday park or other land. As long as you have a caravan site licence and the right access, we can transport your caravan. Your static caravan will be transported on a motor to your desired location, where we will then pitch, jack, level and support the caravan until it is properly sited.

Shop our range of used static caravans online and get in touch with any queries you may have.

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