Where To Site A Static Caravan – Top 5 Things To Consider

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Just bought a static caravan and wondering where you should site it? Or perhaps you’re looking for a change of scenery for your static caravan and considering relocation options? Whatever the case may be, when it comes to siting your static caravan there are a number of factors to consider – from locale and transportation to access and commissioning.

If you intend to site your static caravan on private land rather than at a dedicated static caravan site you’ll also need to ensure that your static home is placed upon a suitable base with adequate support, as well as ascertaining whether or not any planning permission is required.

For those who purchase one of our static caravans, we offer a free siting service to any location within 100 miles of our showground (Horsham, West Sussex). If you’d like to know more about our siting services you can call us on 01403 274877, or complete our siting request form and we’ll be in touch.

Static Caravans in a leisure park

How to site a static caravan – top 5 things to consider


How you intend to use your static caravan will ultimately dictate a number of factors including the location. If your intention is to use your static for holiday purposes, chances are you will want to locate it at a destination you’ll enjoy holidaying in – no brainer.

If your intention is to use your static caravan for work purposes, perhaps as an on site home office, then you’ll probably want to locate your static unit on or nearby your work site. If you intend to live in your static caravan then of course you’ll want to have it sited at a location in which you would like to live on your own land.

But remember, even though caravans (whether it be a static, lodge or touring caravan) are classed are moveable structures, if you intend to use your static caravan for permanent living accommodation you will need to seek the relevant permissions from your local council.

Private land or dedicated static caravan park?

The next choice for caravan owners when it comes to choosing a new destination for your static caravan is whether to have it sited on a dedicated static caravan site or on your own land. There are pros and cons to both options and it is completely down to personal preference.

Holiday parks

Holiday parks will charge site fees of varying levels and will restrict usage of your static caravan whilst requiring you to have a separate primary residence. Residential parks allow all-year-round living but again may charge considerable site fees and you will be obliged to follow any rules and regulations put in place by the site. The benefit of both of these options is that they are dedicated spaces for static units and therefore have the proper infrastructure to allow the easy siting and commissioning of your static caravan.

Private land

If you choose to site your static caravan on private land or agricultural land, you will not have to pay site fees or be constrained by any rules and regulations that are not your own (or that of your local council). However, you will be solely responsible for all aspects of your siting and commissioning, from installing a suitable concrete block base with axle stands to connecting your static toilet facilities (if applicable).

Make sure to follow proper procedures to ensure the safety of yourself and others when siting your static caravan.

Transportation and access

Once you’ve decided upon the location for your static caravan you’ll need to consider how you will have it transported, and whether or not your chosen site currently has suitable access for your chosen unit.

Relocating a static caravan to an area with narrow roads or obstacles such as bridges etc. can make the process considerably more complex, and so a high degree of planning is required before the journey. This is something that should be discussed with whoever is providing your siting services at the earliest possible convenience.

Your chosen site will also need to offer suitable access for your chosen unit – regardless of how good your siting company is, a 40 foot unit will not fit in a 30 foot space. Consider that a 12ft wide static caravan will actually require 14ft wide access, and therefore before choosing your destination it is advisable to:

  • Walk or drive your planned route
  • Measure access points
  • Ensure that there is room for manoeuvre
  • Assess whether or not it will be necessary for your driver to cross soft ground*

Learn more about access in our guide to assessing static caravan access.

*In this instance it may be necessary for additional (temporary) infrastructure to be installed, or for the siting process to be delayed until the site is suitable for HGV access.


If you have decided to have your static caravan sited at a holiday or residential park you should not need to worry about this section as they will already have installed a suitable base. If you have chosen to have your static caravan sited on private land then you will need to consider the following:

  • Whether or not a civil engineer is required in order to create a suitable sub base
  • Which material you intend to use to build your base – a concrete base is the most commonly found, but may require planning permission


Lastly you’ll need to consider the costs associated with having your static caravan sited. For example, our static caravan removal costs start from roughly £700+ VAT and can exceed £5000+ VAT to relocate twin units. To scrap a caravan which has reached the end of its life typically costs £1500+VAT. Then you’ll need to factor in the site fees charged by most parks, or alternatively the cost of employing civil engineers and construction companies to create a suitable base for your static.

Whichever way you choose to go there will be costs incurred, however, once your unit is sited and commissioned you’ll have a new home, holiday home or office to enjoy for many years to come.

Get in touch

Siting a static caravan is a big decision that requires careful planning and consideration. If you need help determining the best location for your static caravan or require siting services, contact us today. With over 40 years of experience, we can provide advice and assist with all aspects of the siting process. Don’t leave anything to chance – get in touch with our team to ensure your static caravan is safely and properly sited. Call us at 01403 274877 or complete our online form to get started.

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